Finding Inspiration

Little boy with aviator helmet and airplane wings with his fist in the air

There is sometimes no more powerful vehicle for our cause as student advocates than the medium of video.  A simple, brief video story can inspire greater understanding about the needs and strengths of all students including those with disabilities.  It can also quickly inspire people to take action to bring about greater inclusion and equity.  This page is just a place for our members and others to find video that communicates for this purpose.  Disclaimer:  The videos housed on this page are being used solely for educational purposes.  The sharing of any individual video link itself should not be construed as an endorsement of a particular product or agency but was merely selected for its uplifting qualities.  We will attempt to keep links active.

Be A Mr. Jensen - by Clint Pulver, author of I Love It Here

Beautiful Minds: A Voyage Into the Brain - by Colourfield Productions, Germany, featuring savant artist Stephen Wiltshire, a.k.a. "The Living Camera"

Celebrity World Down Syndrome Day Sign Video - The Vamps - Isabella Signs

Chinese Principal Breaks Internet with Viral Video - Zhang Pengfei of Xi Guan Primary School in Northern China

Dalton Sherman - Student delivers powerful opening speech to thousands of Texas educators.

Dancing Guy Leadership - Leadership Lessons about First Followers 

Doctor Baked Potato - How to Scaffold for Complexity - Dr. Shelly Moore

Don't Laugh at Me - Peter Paul and Mary

Every Child Has the Right to THIS Kind of Education - Jonathan Mooney, author of The Short Bus and Learning Between the Lines

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime - Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris in a 2014 TED-MED Talk.

How Difficult Can This Be? - F.A.T. City Workshop with Rick Lavoie 

Ian - about playground inclusion, by the Ian Foundation and Mundoloco CGI

If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes - Key and Peele

Johnny the Bagger - by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz

Josh - Opening Doors and Hearts - WestJet Above and Beyond Stories

Kodi Lee Golden Buzzer Moment - America's Got Talent contestant Kodi Lee, a blind and autistic young man, sings Donny Hathaway and gets instantly buzzed through to the finals

Know Your Why - Comedian Michael Jr. goes off script at a live show improvising a meaning-filled, magic moment

The Power of 504 - Award-winning 18-minute documentary capturing historic demonstrations

The Power of Yet - Sesame Street with Janelle Monae showcases the power of mindsets

Reimagning Learning - Jonathan Mooney, author of Learning Between the Lines, The Short Bus, and Normal Sucks breaks down what needs to change in our educational system to bring about connection and belonging for all students

Rise Up - Andra Day (Official Music Video)

The Silent Child - Oscar-winning short film 

There's Value In Everybody - Ernie Johnson

Transforming Inclusive Education - Bowling and UDL - Dr. Shelly Moore 

We All Can - World Down Syndrome Day 2021

Welcome to the 4th Grade - Dwayne Reed, 4th Grade Teacher

Welcome to Holland - with Tyne Daly and Richard Crenna, a 1987 essay poem by social activist Emily Perl Kingsley

Where the "Heck" is Matt 2012 - You have to watch this to appreciate it, too hard to describe

You Do A Good Job - One Voice Children's Choir tribute to COVID-19 Heroes, Alicia Keys