Statements, White Papers, and Newsletters

The SELPA Administrators of California have created several publications over the years to document their beliefs, ideas, and aspirations regarding the complex work we do in the field of special education.  A few samples of these are available below.


Thumbnail of the SELPA Administrators of California statement on equity and social justice, click to read documentStatement on Equity and Social Justice, by the SELPA Administrators of California.  Click on the image at the left to read the full message that was written after the loss of George Floyd, published June 9, 2020.

Resolution Recognizing the Fight Against Racial Inequity and Injustice and Defining Our Commitment to Equity Work, by the SELPA Administrators of California.  This resolution was adopted by the full association on September 7, 2020.

Statement Against Asian-American-Pacific Islander Violence and Hate, by the SELPA Administrators of California, written in the wake of increased acts of hate and violence against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, on April 2, 2021.

"On the Urgency of Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities in California Schools," Resolution 22/23-01, adopted on Unity Day, October 19, 2022

Statement Against Hate and Violence Caused by Antisemitism and Islamophobia, by the SELPA Administrators of California, written in response to recent world events and an increase in hate-based incidents across the country, adopted November 30, 2023.

White Papers

Better Than Court:  Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Grants in Special Education
Sharon Cavallaro, Ed.D of the Napa County Office of Education and Patty Metheny, Ed.D of the SELPA Administrators of California Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, 2018.

Meeting the Needs of English Learners (EL) with Disabilities Resource Book
Jarice Butterfield, Ph.D., Retired SELPA Director for Santa Barbara County SELPA, Gloria Lopez, Retired SELPA Administrator for LAUSD, and Lora Gonzalez, SELPA Director for Yuba Thumbnail of SELPA Administrators of California Compliance Monitoring White Paper, click to read whole documentCounty SELPA, for the SELPA Administrators of California, June 2017.

SELPA Accountability, Innovation & Design
This paper reflects on the history and context behind the SELPA structure as originally designed four decades ago and how SELPAs function today, offering key recommendations to transform the work of SELPAs to meet present and future priorities.  Aaron Benton, lead author, December, 2021.

SELPA Administrators of California California Children's Services Program Position Paper
This paper was created through a collaborative effort between the Interagency Committee and the Legislative Committee, Revised July 2019.

SELPA Administrators of California Compliance Monitoring White Paper
Members of the State SELPA CALPADS and Compliance Committee, July 2021.

SELPAs Within A Changing Educational Landscape White Paper
Vicki Barber, Maureen Burness, and the Executive Committee of State SELPA, September 2017.

SELPA IMPACT Newsletters

During the 2022-23 school year, SELPA Administrators began to author a brief newsletter for the purpose of informing educational partners about the work conducted by our members of behalf of member districts, students, and families.  This newletter will be published three times per year and sent out through our listserv.