SELPA Mission, Core Values, Goals, and Beliefs


The SELPA Administrators of California is an association of professional educators organized to present, review, and evaluate major special education issues for the benefit of the students, families, districts, charter schools, and educators we proudly serve.  Our mission is to champion educational access and opportunities for students with disabilities, and we do this by collaborating with stakeholders to influence policy and practice on behalf of students with disabilities. As stated in our by-laws, we accomplish our purpose by participating in such activities as program planning and evaluation; fiscal planning; legislative analysis and education; review of legal issues; research; dissemination of information; training and technical assistance; and collaboration with the California Department of Education.Hands holding a green heart

Our core values are:

  • Mutual Support and Engagement 
  • Shared Expertise 
  • Contributing through Volunteerism 
  • Continuous Advocacy

Even though there are many organizational structures for each individual SELPA, our goals and beliefs are one in the same.  SELPAs strive to deliver high-quality special education programs and services to students with disabilities in the most effective manner practicable. SELPAs believe that all students can learn and that students with disabilities must be guaranteed equal opportunity to become contributing members of society. SELPAs facilitate high-quality educational programs and services for students with disabilities and training for parents and educators. SELPAs collaborate with county agencies and LEAs to develop and maintain healthy and enriching environments in which students with disabilities can succeed.  Strategies employed to achieve these goals include responding to specific areas of local, state and public concerns; emphasizing the need for effective special education services to improve educational and life outcomes for students with disabilities; and organizing special education administrators and special education staff members with the SELPA for support of common educational goals.

Our Association continues work according to a strategic plan originally adopted last spring and updated this fall. It is expected that mutual engagement around strategic goals and objectives will help SELPA Administrators of California build on our reputation, and ultimately deliver on our existing mission, core values, and beliefs. Four main goal areas include:

  • Become indispensable as a provider of professional development and technical assistance, both through the work of SELPAs already leading statewide work as system improvement and resource leads, as well as through SELPA-sponsored events.
  • Expand and nurture key partnerships to enhance the culture and impact of SELPA Administrators, work that continues to be led by our Executive Committee.
  • Increase our influence over policy and funding, to build on the legislative wins of recent years that has led to increases to the base rate and significant dollars for learning recovery and dispute prevention and resolution, and sponsorship of new legislation.
  • Build capacity and engagement within the membership for continuous improvement, which is accomplished by identifying content experts across the Association, and by providing the training and mentorship for new directors that will ensure their success.

The information contained herein may be used with legislators, parents, agencies, and other educators as it provides broad descriptions of SELPAs.  For more detailed information, you are encouraged to contact the leadership in your local SELPA. 

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