Students First 


SELPA Administrators of California is made up of professionals, most of whom have dedicated their entire careers to advocating for the needs of students with disabilities.  We often find ourselves acting as a voice for students in meetings with local decision-makers, with policymakers and legislators at the state level, with our school and district educational teams, and within our local community.  We work to ensure not only that schools and districts maintain adequate compliance with students' individualized education plans, but we work quietly behind the scenes to attend to the details that make it all happen for each student every day.  This involves providing the necessary staff development to prevent implementation failures, complaints, and disagreements.  It means keeping teams current with changes in the law and best practices.  This includes listening to parents and families and incorporating their concerns and interests into our work and our professional learning offerings.  This means advocating for equity and inclusivity within our school and district accountability plans and providing the necessary foundational knowledge to general educators and special educators to bring a more equitable and inclusive educational environment closer to reality.  The easiest way to understand our work is perhaps through student stories.  Click on our brochure below to learn more.


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Other Resources

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